Forster Co-Ax Press - $299.99

A number of unique features set this press apart. Its snap-in, snap-out die-changing system lets you change from sizer die to seater die in seconds. A positive spent primer catcher passes all spent primers with their dirty carbon through a tube into a container, keeping working parts clean. Dual floating guide rods ensure perfect alignment. The press design has three times the mechanical advantage of an ordinary C-style press, delivering precise alignment of the die and case because the shell holders jaws float with the die, permitting the case to center with precision. The absence of frame supports and swinging primer arms creates obstruction-free ambidextrous operation. A unique Co-Ax priming system seats primers to factory specs with only .001 radial clearance and the seater is at a 90 angle to the case head so no primers flip or tip. Solid stop at top of stroke for consistent headspace. Dies and shell holder not included. - $299.99