Forster Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die Kit - $68.88

If you load your own ammo and have been looking for that extra edge needed to tighten your groups, you just found it. Forster's introduces the new Precision Plus Bushing Bump Neck Resizing Die. Developed with input from competition shooters and expert reloaders, each of these dies comes with three cryogenically treated bushings that resize the case's neck, shoulder and headspace in a single step. The bushings help you find the optimal case neck size to control the amount of tension during bullet seating and better align the neck with the entire case's centerline. Partially or totally resize your case necks to your own exacting specifications. This results in greater cartridge-to-cartridge consistency and enhances accuracy. The dies are compatible with any standard 7/8", 14-thread reloading press. - $68.88