Forecast Dream Reamer - $36.99

Called the "Dream Reamer," it turns the often difficult task of reaming cork into a dream come true for rod builders. The kit includes four, solid glass, tapered shafts equipped with sandpaper, and a universal handle. Each threaded, tapered shaft can either be used with the provided handle or chucked into a low-rpm drill using the pinned metal sleeve on the end of each rod. Rods in the kit will let you ream almost any blank taper from fly and ultralight to heavy saltwater. You also get a vinyl-lined storage sack and easy-to-install replacement sandpaper. Individual reamer rods are also available and come with a universal handle.Sizes: Kit - Includes all four size reamers.Small - For ultralight rods and fly rods.Medium - For spinning and casting rods.Large - For freshwater and light saltwater rods. - $36.99