FoodSaver Gamesaver Titanium 15 Dual-Pump Vacuum Sealer - $449.99

With sturdy, stainless steel construction, built-in handles and high-performance dual pumps, the FoodSaver Gamesaver is a durable vacuum sealer. Designed for heavy-duty, repetitive use, it has two seal settings (single and double), an extra-large seal strip that seals 8, 11 and 15 bags and a built-in roll storage and cutter that simplify the process of making custom-sized bags. The patented drip tray catches overflow and is removable and easy to clean as well as dishwasher safe. Easy-lock latch and extra-large, rubberized buttons. Accessory port. Comes with one 11 x 10 heat-seal roll, one 15 x 10 heat-seal roll, and three 1-gallon dam bags. Compatible with any FoodSaver pre-cut bag. All sealed items can be microwaved, boiled and frozen. Imported. Color: Titanium. Type: Vacuum Sealers. - $449.99