Flow Five SE Snowboard Bindings Black - $160.95

The Five-SE is as versatile as it gets with the new HYBRID (No Suggestions) for unrestricted freedom yet powerful riding. The strap configuration along with the LockingSlapRatchet buckles allows SideEntry to complement our proven SpeedEntry technology. The ModBack hiback-system has a response lower zone with the Aluminum alloy heelcup and a very flexible TWEAK.6 topzone for maximum tweakfactor.Key Features of the Flow Five SE Snowboard Bindings: The H-series molded baseplate is engineered with a wider platform for stability and easy of entry and exit ModBack with Aluminum alloy heelcup and urethane TWEAK.6 SupportPanel for a softer flex in the top-zone and a comfy KushControl wrapped EVA-pad HYBRID PowerCapStrap with LSR-buckles for your choice of easy and functional SpeedEntry or conventional SideEntry Tool-less FWD-lean adjustment Combi mounting-disk for 4x4 and 3HP Overall moderately stiff flex(3) for a snappy all-mountain response but enough flex for that freestyle feel - $160.95