Flextone Untouchables Series Mouth Turkey Calls - $8.99

Turn to the Untouchables Series when youre looking for a turkey assassins alibi. The soft, flexible passage chamber in the calls makes for a more natural sound. Each features ultrathin .025 latex that requires minimum airflow. Available: Hustler Magnum double-bat wing cut. 2.25 reed with deep center cut makes for the perfect loud, raspy call. Gangster Lure in a call-shy gobbler. The new wave cut doesnt require a lot of air, but still packs a wallop in raspy cutts and cackles. Use less air for soft yelps, clucks and purrs. Mobster Three super-thin .025 latex reeds and bat-wing cut makes for loud, raspy yelps, cutts and cackles. Reduce the tongue pressure for softer calls. Baby Face Its smaller frame is the perfect size for narrower palates. Despite the small size, its three .025 latex reeds with half-and-half cut still makes big noise. Mob 3-Pack Get the Hustler, Gangster and Mobster in one convenient package. - $8.99