Flextone Echo HD 80 Game Call - $109.88

Super-lifelike, high-powered stereo calling in the palm of your hand. Its fully movable, nondistortion speaker heads rotate 360 and pivot over 180 for creating a customized presentation that takes advantage of your setup and decoy spread. The control unit removes for use as a long-range remote, and it also features a large LCD for easy call selection. Pre-loaded with 80 high-definition calls in the following categories: bear, bird distress, bobcat, cougar, coyote, crow, elk, fox, hog, mouse, owl, prairie dog, rabbit, raccoon, snow goose, squirrel, turkey, whitetail deer and wolf. Remote requires two AA batteries (not included). Caller unit requires six AA batteries (not included).Weight: 3 lbs. Type: Electronic Game Calls. - $109.88