Flextone Abe Son Series Elk Diaphragm Calls - $5.88

A series of diaphragm elk calls that provides you with the versatility to sound like an entire herd. Available: Baby Mama The Baby Mama has two super-thin prophylactic reeds with a large center cut for creating soft chirps, mews and whines of cows and their calves. The perfect call to calm a big herd bull while closing the distance. Yo Baby The Yo Baby has two latex reeds with a small center cut to create mews and chirps, while still having enough backbone for aggressive estrus and hyper sounds. Its also great for creating the squeals and bugles of younger bulls. Baby Daddy The Baby Daddy has three thick latex reeds for plenty of backbone to produce super-loud and aggressive herd bull sounds. Whether you tone it down for small bull bugles and squeals, or get aggressive to intimidate herd bulls, it delivers any sound you need for the hunting situation. Game Call Type: Diaphragms. Species: Elk. Type: Elk Calls. Yo' Baby. - $5.88