Flambeau Master Series Boss Babe Decoy - $189.99

Sure to catch the eye of any rutting or pre-rut buck, this ultrarealistic doe decoy is postured and painted to duplicate a receptive doe. This Decoy features all of the same perks as the original Boss Babe, but is flocked, which gives this decoy a hide like texture and appearance. Flocking also reduces noise during transport and setup. The legs, ears, antlers and head disassemble for storage in the body cavity for easy field use. Secure leg-attachment system has a large-diameter screw cap to lock down each leg from the inside of the body. Two sets of ears change the attitude of the decoy. One simulates alertness and the other simulates submission. Weight: 14 lbs. Length: 44. Height: 41H (top of the head), 31.5 (at the shoulders). Girth: 49. - $189.99