Flambeau 8001 Tuff Tainer Utility Box with Zerust - Translucent - $11.88

Extra-strong Zerust polymer plastic utility box for all your lure, soft plastic and terminal tackle storage needs. Slim satchel style with two high-value recessed latches and removable dividers with five fixed compartments. Translucent design to easily identify what is inside. Say goodbye to rusty hooks and stained lure finishes. Flambeau's patented Zerust polymer emits a harmless, odorless vapor which fills the inside of the tackle box to form a protective layer around your lures and other terminal tackle. Simply shake excess water and moisture off your lures before returning them to a Zerust plastic box and enjoy years of hassle-free, long-lasting corrosion protection. Dimensions: 15 L x 14 W x 2 H. Color: Translucent. - $11.88