Five Ten Line King Shoe - Men's - $129.95

Built with a grippy sole, a tough leather upper, and a full high-top profile, the Five Ten Line King Shoe does much more than just cover your foot. It keeps everything from your pedal to your shin in perfect order while you slay big, gnarly lines from the top of the mountain to the lift jockey at the bottom and everywhere in between. Five Ten's Stealth Rubber was developed for rock climbing shoes. It has excellent grip, which keeps it stuck to your pedals. It's also super durable. It had to be tough for climbing shoes to suffer the wear and tear from hard granite cliffs for days on end. The Freerider Shoes may just have a tougher job. They have to endure the prodding from the metal spikes on your pedals all day, but Stealth Rubber can take it. Five Ten Stealth Rubber soles will outlast the gum rubber sole on a conventional skate shoe every time and stick better to your pedals all the while. The Freerider Shoe has all the style that you want and the bomber sole that you need to land big tricks without blowing your pedals. The grey panels on the upper are made of brushed nubuck leather. The toe box is reinforced to alleviate major stubbage if you lose it in mid-air. The Five Ten Line King Shoe is available in Andy Lewis Taupe, Navy/Light Grey/Grass Green, and Blue/Charcoal/Black and comes in half sizes from 4 - 13. - $129.95