Yum Garnett Mega Tube - $1.88

Fishing pro Doug Garret designed this bait, then made a name for it with back-to-back Bassmaster Megabucks wins. This elite oversized tube is impregnated with heavy-grain salt and enhanced with strike-triggering Live Prey Technology. Popular with bass fisherman for its tournament-tested effectiveness, this tube is great for flipping and pitching in heavy cover or shallow waters near docks.Sizes: 3", 4".Colors: (036)Black Neon, (086)Crawfish Green, (166)Pumpkin Pepper/Green Flake, (181)Watermelon Seed, (201)Green Pumpkin Firecracker, (202)Junebug, (472)Black Blue Flake, (542)Green Pumpkin. - $1.88