Outcast fish cat 10 ir pontoon boat - $711.88

This pontoon boat is the perfect size for standing while fishing on both lakes and rivers. The 10L x 17D pontoons are constructed of 600-denier PVCon top and 900-denier PVCon the bottom. The pontoons have Summit 2 valves and are supported by a strong steel frame. The casting deck and lean bar allow the angler to stand up for sight fishing. A stripping apron and basket are included for managing fly line while seated or standing. Also features stitched seams and vinyl air cells for reliable durability. Includes motor mount and 7-ft., two-piece oars. Mesh cargo deck. Five-year warranty. Weight capacity: 450 lbs. Weight: 88 lbs.Dimensions: 10L x 4-1/2W. Type: Pontoons. Fc 10ir Blue Stnd Up. - $711.88