Fischer SCS Skate Ski - $181.97

Set your goals and conquer the learning curve of performance skate skiing with the Fischer SCS Skate Ski. Not quite a race ski but certainly not a cruiser, this performance skate ski is precise and easy to control. It helps you move with an air of lightness, it has the stability and forgiveness to look past parts of your skate technique that might still be evolving, and it maintains a consistent flex no matter what the temperature. This last feature is a bit of technology passed down from its big brother in the race series, the RCR. The SCS also shares the same sidecut technology and computer-designed flex as Fischer's World Cup model, the RCS Carbonlite Skating Soft Track Hole Ski. Think of the SCS as the middle ground between the race-born top tier and the patience and predictability of the entry-level option.Comparisons aside, the focus of this ski is to drive confidence and help your body feel in sync with the skating style. Choose your length based on your ability and weight: heavier skiers should choose a longer length, and more accomplished skiers should balance the maneuverability of a shorter ski with the stability offered by a longer ski. NIS binding compatibility further ensures the smooth link between you and your ski thanks to the integrated nature of the binding and the ski topsheet. - $181.97