Fischer RC7 Skate Boots - $174.93

Racers and serious recreational skiers look to the Fischer RC7 Skating boots for an accurate fit and high-performance features that help shave time off the next lap. Ergonomic cuffs provide good lateral support without inhibiting front and back movement. Canting function lets you set the position of the cuffs for maximum comfort and performance; key is included for making adjustments. Twin Skin concept features inner boot liners for a secure fit and outer boots for protection against cold and wet. Anatomic 3D plastic heel caps create a secure fit. Diagonally running strap in each boot increases torsional resistance and thereby supports the foot during the kick phase. Stiff-flexing R3 polyurethane soles have wide platforms that provide excellent stability while you're skating. Fischer RC7 Skating boots with NNN soles are compatible with NNN skate bindings. - $174.93