Fischer RC5 Skate Boot - $149.96

For ambitious skate skiers, the Fischer RC5 Skate Boot represents a top choice for both performance and fit customization. This boot is dedicated to moving fast on the groomed track, but it isn't a podium chaser by default. Fischer makes two higher-end race boots for that (and those boots are designed entirely for speed, comfort be damned). The RC5 does share some traits with those boots, like a flex cuff, canting adjustment, and a Race Concept fit, but the RC5 also features a sole with a wide forefoot to give your toes room to move and a thermo fit that ensures near-heavenly comfort for long skate sessions. Consider this boot if your skate technique is already relatively dialed and you crave a little speed, but aren't prepared to submit your foot to a full-blown race boot.Overall, the RC5's flex is stiff and its sole is medium-stiff. Coupled with the rigid external ankle cuff and the massive power strap around the ankle, this boot drives your power directly into your ski, just like its race-bred counterparts. The canting adjustment is a particularly useful option for skiers who may need to pay particular attention to lower leg or ankle alignment due to injury or basic body-angle geometry. - $149.96