Fischer RC3 Skating Boot - $125.97

You're just starting out in the world of skate skiing, but you have ambitions and dreams of improving your technique fast. The Fischer RC3 Skate Boot delivers just the right amount of stiffness so you won't feel held back by your boot, and just the right amount of comfort to keep you on your feet all morning. This boot is capable of moving fast on the groomed track, but it isn't a podium-chaser by default. Fischer makes three higher-end boots for that (the race RC7 and RCS Carbonline, and the high-performance RC5 Skate). Although the RC3 does share some traits with RC5, like a Race Fit, Flex Cuff, and Thermo Fit, the RC3 features a fleece-lined toe for warmth and comfort and a sole with a softer flex that's kinder to your foot and more forgiving. The RC3's rigid external ankle cuff and the massive power strap around the ankle drive your power directly into your ski, in the same way the race-bred boots do. This provides the stability and responsiveness you need to not only improving your skating but also to feel confident skating hard when you're ready. The tall inner cuff, thermomoldable fit, and additional heel-fit adjustment boost ankle stability and help perfect the fit to your feet. If you're coming from the world of classic skiing, you should realize that this boot will feel significantly stiffer than the boots you're used to. - $125.97