Fischer Prodigy Skis - $161.95

New Twin Tip with Freeski ROCKER technology for all occasions: ideal for quick flips and spins, identical skiing properties both forwards and backwards, extremely robust thanks to Full Sidewall construction.Key Features of the Fischer Prodigy Skis: SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION: Sidewall Construction to support the edges for highest stability, strength and durability. REAL TWIN TIP: The ski has the same geometry from the ski centerline to the shovel and tail. Bindings can be mounted as you wish. ROCKER: The shorter contact length of the ski ensures that turn initiation is easier and requires less effort. Three different types: All Mountain ROCKER, Freeski ROCKER, Tour ROCKER. RADIUS: 12 m @ 145 SIDECUT: 110 - 80 - 104 @ 145 - $161.95