Fischer Luna Skating My Style Skate Ski - $146.97

Fischer made the Luna Skating My Style Skate Ski specifically for women who want a performance ski that'll give them the confidence to improve their skate technique. Conquering the learning curve of skate skiing is no easy task, but the Luna has the precision and forgiveness that allow you to learn and dial in your technique little by little even if you make some mistakes along the way. Although it borrows its core fast base and sidecut from top-tier World Cup skis, the consistent feel of this ski comes from the Basalite core inherited from the Spirit Crown My Style ski. No matter how the temperature fluctuates or the snow surface changes, you can predict the way that this ski will feel even before your first kick. If you're more familiar with classical Nordic skis, you'll notice that this ski feels more nimble and a touch stiffer underfoot. In comparison to Fischer's entry-level classical ski of the same length, the Luna is more than 200 grams lighter. Ultimately, this ski gives you the control and confidence you need to feel in sync with your gear, whether you're out to improve skating style or you're working up your heart rate by doing laps on the trails at the resort. Choose your length based on your ability and weight: heavier skiers should choose a longer length, and more accomplished skiers should balance the maneuverability of a shorter ski with the stability offered by a longer ski. - $146.97