Firststring TenPoint Titan/Turbo/Stealth Crossbow String - $14.88

Built out of a unique blend of SK78 fibers, Firststrings TenPoint Titan/Turbo/Stealth Crossbow String virtually eliminates creep while maintaining high levels of durability. Includes Toxic Center servings with braided spectras for decreased friction and long-lasting wear. Fits the Huntmaster TL-4 1999, Huntmaster 1994-1995 without yokes, Titan HLX, Huntmaster 1995-1997 with yokes, 458 Magnum TL-4 1998-1999, Turbo Extreme, Magnum Extreme, Elite X2, Magnum X2, Stealth X2, Turbo X2, Elite Lite, Hybrid Lite, Pro Fusion, Pro Slider, Pro Elite, Elite QX-4, QX4 Maveric HP, Pro Elite HP, Blazer HP and Lazer HP. Type: Crossbow Strings. - $14.88