First Lite Men's Merino Base Layer Red Desert Boxer Shorts - Black (2XL) - $50.00

A perfect blend of warmth, comfort and odor management. First Lite Mens 100%, high-keratin merino wool fibers are the finest found in nature and produce a material that is soft, durable and can be worn directly against the skin without irritation or itch. The naturally odor-resistant wool absorbs 35% of its weight in moisture and transports it away from the skin, controlling odor-causing bacteria and giving you the necessary edge in scent-control management. 170-gram 100% merino wool boxer shorts are lightweight, breathable and itch-free. Imported. Sizes: M-2XL. Color: Black. Size: 2XL. Color: Black. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. Material: Wool. - $50.00