Crosley Digital Conversion Pictograph/Photo Scanner - $49.99

Finding your favorite photos from years past can be a daunting task. Convert bulky 35mm slides and unorganized film negatives into a digital format that can be easily shared with family and friends for a special keepsake, printed and hung on a family photo wall or filed away. Crosley's easy-to-use pictograph scans and converts all 35mm slides and negatives into high-resolution digital images, and then saves them in a universally recognizable JPEG format. Simply connect the Pictograph to your home computer using the USB port, scan your favorite images and save. One-touch button scanning. 5-megapixel high resolution film scanner. Auto exposure/color balance. Includes scanning software. Dimensions: 12.2"H x 16.35"W x 10.83"D. - $49.99