Final Approach Full-Body Canada Goose Decoys - $199.99

Created from originals crafted by sculptor Doug Eck, the designs use flocking detail in the neck, head and tail to make these decoys anatomically indistinguishable from custom decoys. The Integra-Connect head-attachment system handles the punishment decoys get during the season. The Motion System gives you the decoy motion hunters need to finish geese. Approximate size is 24L x 10W x 9.5H. Slight variation by head style.Available:The Starter Six-Pack includes: one sentry, one upright walker, one upright rester, one feeder, one active feeder and one agressive feeder. All have motion bases.The Feeder Four-Pack includes two feeders, one active feeder and one agressive feeder.The Rester/Sleeper Four-Pack benefits your spread by adding variety. Includes two resters and two sleepers.The Active Four-Pack includes two upright walkers and two upright resters.The Sentry Four-Pack includes four high-head sentry decoys. Type: Canada Goose Decoys. Starter Pack. - $199.99