Final Approach Floating Canada Goose Decoys - $139.99

Look at these decoys on the water, and you'd swear they're real. These lifelike floaters reflect all the detail and realism that world-famous artist Doug Eck crafted into the original prototype. The detailed, flawlessly sculpted anatomy makes it hard to tell these decoys from live birds. Custom-quality paint schemes and Sculpture Flock accents on the head and tail complete the natural illusion. Injection-molded Dura-Connect head attachment system has a lifetime guarantee. Cord-locked keels. Available:Floater Active Pack: Looker, Sleeper, Greeter, Swimmer, Rester and Active. Per 6. (Six head positions)Floater Feeder Pack: Active, Feeder and Swimmer. Per 3. (Three head positions) - $139.99