Fin-Nor Sportfisher Spinning Reel - $79.88

Legendary Fin-Nor workmanship provides big-time offshore performance at an entry-level price for anglers getting started or expanding their tackle arsenal. The durable brass pinion and super-sized drive gear eliminate gear flex and slippage by reinforcing both sides with oversized bearings. Sealed, multistack drag handles heavy loads with carbon fiber washers for smooth-running performance. Get penetrating hooksets from the solid anti-reverse clutch. Aluminum clutch housing ensures extra dependability. High-strength aluminum body and rotor prevents flexing and twisting. Patented computer-balanced rotor and spool. Asymmetric levelwind for consistently even line lay. Hardshell titanium-nitride line roller coating for handling braided superlines and monofilament. Weight-reducing forged aluminum spool. Ergonomic handle knob. - $79.88