Fin-Nor Sportfisher Conventional Reel - $129.99

A large-capacity reel that delivers versatile bluewater performance with high-strength durability. Solid one-piece aluminum frame prevents flex and warping and resists corrosive saltwater elements. The bigger-than-average multidisc drag features carbon fiber washers and double heavy-duty Belleville washers for incredible stopping power. Line-eating gear ratios let you pick up 36" of line with a single turn. Patent-pending, stainless steel harness lugs are sandwiched between the frame and sideplates for extra rigidity. The extra-large teeth of the durable bronze main gear meshes seamlessly with the stainless steel pinon gear for high-powered cranking. Features dual anti-reverse pawls with a stainless steel ratchet for higher lock-down with heavy lines. Aluminum spool turns on a stainless steel shaft. Stainless steel crank arm and star drag. Ergonomic handle knob. - $129.99