Men's Filson Mackinaw Wool Bibs (Unfinished/will hem to 32) - Grey 'Charcoal' (2 X-Large) - $300.00

The Mackinaw Wool Bibs are a six pocket pant with additional chest pockets and watch pocket. Zippered fly. Cotton elastic straps with leather tabs. Inseam 33" unfinished. Will custom hem to 32" maximum at no charge, no cuffs. Made in USA.Even waist sizes: 30-48. Colors: Charcoal, Forest. Waist: 2 X-Large. Type: Bibs. Size: 2 X-Large. Inseam: Unfinished/will hem to 32. Color: Charcoal. Size 46. Color Charcoal. - $300.00