Federal Premium Black Cloud Steel - Per Box - $17.49

Theres a storm warning out for waterfowl, and it comes in the form of a Black Cloud. This devastating new steel ammo from Federal mixes innovative and lethal FliteStopper steel pellets with standard steel pellets in the range- extending FliteControl wad for superior downrange patterning and hitting power. Unlike standard round steel pellets, FliteStopper pellets have a sharp cut-on-contact surface that produces bird-slaying wound channels unlike anything youve seen before. The FliteControl wad is configured 180 compared to standard wads so the cup flares at the rear instead of the front. This causes pellets to remain more tightly patterned longer as they leave the barrel, adding 10-15 yards of effective range compared to conventional steel loads and increasing pellet energy downrange. This deadly combination of superior patterning, increased Knockdown Power and longer range means there can only be one forecast when Black Cloud FS Steel shows up in the blind expect it to rain ducks and geese. The new 3 #3 offering is a special edition endorsed by Phil Robertson The Duck Commander. 25 per box. Per box. Color: Black. Type: Steel. - $17.49