FalconGuides Hiking Yosemite National Park - 3rd Edition - Enhanced Digital Book - $14.95

In the enhanced digital. After purchasing this enhanced digital book, you will be shipped a card with coded access to a digital download of. Download. Enhanced content includes interactive photos, clickable links, video content embedded in the text-the experience is more akin to reading a website than a simple e-book. Includes easy-to-use note taking, smart search for content, and up-to-date tips from readers and experts. Author: Suzanne Swedo. Softcover; 308 pages; color photographs and maps. Morris Book Publishing, LLC; copyright 2011. Completely updated with color maps and photographs, the 3rd edition of. Accurate directions get you to the trailhead and comprehensive descriptions let you know what to expect. Trail descriptions feature difficulty ratings, best seasons, permits/fees required, local services, additional maps needed and hiking time. At-a-glance trail finder helps you plan your outing for lakes, waterfalls, wildflowers, solitude and wildlife. - $14.95