Extreme Accuracy Shooting DVDs - $14.88

If you're interested in improving your marksmanship or even becoming a long-range shooter, you couldn't find a better selection of training and informational DVDs. Available: Extreme Accuracy High Power Rifle Competition G. David Tubb, one of the most successful competition rifle shooters ever, shows you techniques that have elevated him to the top of the sport. 120-minute two-DVD set. Extreme Accuracy Understanding Scopes and Ballistics Increased knowledge of equipment and ammunition will make you a better shooter. Extreme Accuracy Tactical Sniper Shooting G. David Tubb demonstrates shooting positions, revolutionary sling techniques and equipment needed for pinpoint accuracy when it's needed most. Extreme Accuracy The One Mile Shot Lucky shot you say? Not when you see G. David Tubb do it again and again. Watch what you need to know to hit targets from 1,000 yards to a mile out. 90-minute DVD. Extreme Accuracy Long-Range Rifle Shooting Learn how to make the long shots in real field conditions from champion rifleman G. David Tubb. He offers tips on learning how your equipment and ammo work at longer ranges. 80-minute DVD. - $14.88