Exposure Sirius with Flare - $229.95

Exposure has quickly become an endurance and 24-hour racer's cup-o-tea when it comes to high-performance lighting. That's because of its extremely low-weight, cable-less design, and long-lasting, high-output products. While commuters don't need all the high-tech bells and whistles competitors demand, they do need application specific features like the ones found on the Sirius with Flare to make the jaunt across town safely. The Sirius houses a 2600 Lithium ion battery within the light housing itself. This keeps storing the light in your pack hassle free. The body is CNC-machined from aerospace grade aluminum for durability and, more importantly, it efficiently transfers heat from the Cree XPG R5 Led light. This ensures an extremely long bulb and battery life. The Sirius also uses Exposure's Smart Port Technology Plus. Essentially, it's a cylindrical plug on the back of the lamp unit that allows you to insert the smart charger. But, it also enables you to plug in accessories like the included Flare LED taillight. Other separate accessories available are back-up batteries and a remote switch. You can even charge other USB-powered devices with the Sirius. It will automatically recognize each accessory and configure the system to take a charge or power accessory lights. The Exposure Sirius with Flare has four modes, high, medium, low, and flash. They're accessible through the power button on the back of the light. The simple bracket uses an elastic band to attach to 31.8 and 24.5mm handlebars for quick and easy installation and removal. - $229.95