Exposure Reflex - $519.95

Pushing out 2200 Lumens, the Reflex Mk1 torch takes over as Exposure's flagship model. Lighter than the MaXx-D and brighter than the Six Pack, it's the light source high-speed night riding demands. Brightness is one aspect of a quality nightlight, and with two new technologies that build on Exposure's industry leading designs, the Reflex Mk1 aims to provide the ultimate night riding experience. One of those new features is Reflex Technology. This game changer automatically adjusts the Mk1's power output to suit riding conditions. Remotes have helped prevent one-handed, hail-mary attempts at pressing mode buttons, but -- even with today's mega-wide bars -- handlebar real estate can be scarce. When the Reflex Mk1 leads the way, it senses g-forces and slope to respond with the proper brightness -- independent of rider input. When ascending standard uphill grades, the Reflex drops power output to conserve juice in the 11600mAh Lithium ion battery. Once it senses acceleration or a downhill grade, the Reflex opens up the flood gates to unleash full candle power. This keeps your hands steering, and your eyes focused on the trail. The other new feature found on the Reflex Mk1 is Exposure's Optimum Mode Selector. OMS offers 11 pre-programmed settings to provide the optimum lighting for ride conditions. After all, the requirements needed for a high-paced trail ride are quite different than 24hr race, or a week of commuting -- and OMS lets you custom tune the light for any of those conditions. For example; in the first OMS setting, the Mk1 will push 2200 Lumens and will automatically switch between 410 Lumens depending on its surroundings. This setting will last 3 hours worst case, 12 best. It's safe to assume you'll enjoy 4-5 hours of light in this mode. There are two more automatic modes that reduce both the highest and lowest outputs for even longer battery life (6 - 24hrs, 12 to 36hrs). - $519.95