Exposure Race Mk7 - $269.95

If you've ever snagged a power cord and had your singletrack tunnel go dark, then you know the appeal of self-contained lights like the Exposure Race Mk7. Its Lithium-ion battery is enclosed within the 800-Lumen Race Mk7's aerospace grade, exquisitely CNC-machined aluminum body. The extensive machining, however, isn't just to look cool. It's actually designed to help heat transfer -- to physically cool the light. Packing two Cree XPG R5 LED's, the Race Mk7 can generate excessive heat. One way it's managed is through the body, the other way it's managed is with Exposure's patented Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM). If the internal temperature gets too high, ITM kicks in and automatically drops the power level down to the next lowest setting. It will remain at the lower setting until the temperature inside the housing returns within normal operating range. This, and the weatherproof aluminum housing with O-ring seals, ensures the light's 5800mAh battery and LED bulbs are safe from moisture, muck, and heat for a long life span. A defining feature found here on the Race Mk7 is Exposure's Smart Port Technology Plus. Essentially, it's a cylindrical plug on the back of the lamp unit that allows you to insert the smart charger. But it also enables you to plug in accessories like a red LED taillight and back-up batteries, or to even charge other USB-powered devices. It will automatically recognize each accessory and configure the system to take a charge or power accessory lights. Best of all, a remote switch is available for quick light control. As one of exposure's longest running models, the Race Mk7 has consistently evolved and helped establish Exposure's market-leading expertise. One such advancement this year, aside from the 25% brightness increase, is the introduction of Exposures Optimum Mode Selector. OMS offers eight pre-programmed settings to provide the optimal lighting for ride conditions. - $269.95