Exposure Joystick Mk.6 Light - $141.05

We're big fans of riding at night, and we love having a light on the helmet because it always shines where we're looking. The Joystick Light from Exposure Lights eliminates the only thing that bothers us about typical helmet-mounted lights -- the cord and external battery. Like all Exposure Lights, the Joystick is a self contained unit. It has a CNC machined aluminum housing that contains the battery and the electronics necessary to control the 325 lumens from the single Cree XPG R5 LED.Another Joystick attribute that's enticing is its feathery weight. It tickles the scales at just under 100 grams. It's so light that you'll never even notice that it's mounted on your helmet. In that regard, the Joystick includes Exposure's helmet mount. It's a sturdy threaded mount that's designed to secure the Light to your helmet. All that is required is a vent hole in the helmet, as the mount has built-in washers on top and bottom. You simply screw it together, clamping the ribs aside the vent hole between the two pieces. The top of the mount has a C-shaped clip that snaps securely around the body of the Joystick light housing. It contains a ball joint that gives you some positional freedom to aim the light.With the same electronics package as the bigger lights, the Joystick has a mode indicator/fuel gauge built into the power button on the back of the lamp. It has a clear silicone covering that allows you to see a colored indicator when the light is on. This does two things for you. (1)By pushing the button with the light on, you'll change the power setting, and the button will indicate what mode you're in -- Green(high), Amber(medium), or Red(low). (2)After two seconds, the indicator will automatically act as your fuel gauge, and you'll know how much juice is left in your battery pack just by looking at the color of the indicator -- Green(100-50%), Amber(50-25%), Red(25-5%), and Red flash(5%-empty).The Joystick Light has what Exposure calls their Smart Port Technology Plus. - $141.05