Exped Syn Mat 9 - $168.95

The Exped Syn Mat 9 is an insulated sleeping pad for venturing into the backcountry at temps down to -13°F. When the weather is cold, an R-value of 6.00 kicks up the heat through the night, lifting you 3.5 inches off the ground. Hidden within the baffles is 200g of Texpedloft Microfibre, just add air and you've got a comfy little bed to snooze on through the night. The durable 150D (top) and 75D (bottom) polyester helps prevent wear and tear from taking a toll on your camp gear. When it's time to tear down camp, the whole thing packs neat and tidy into a 10.6"x6.3" packsack. Features of the Exped Syn Mat 9 Microfiber Insulation bonded to top and bottom for maximum loft/warmth Integrated pump for quick and easy inflation 75 denier fabric for durability I-beam baffles TPU Polyether Film Laminate, Hydrolysis resistant Ultra light and ultra compact and offers the same insulating values Separate flat valves for inflation and deflation simplify handling More durable and protected from damage as they Are flat in design and non protruding Baffles welded between the microfiber filled air chambers eliminate cold spots and create a thick, comfortable, and stable air cushion Synthetic microfiber filling is laminated to both Upper and lower sides of the mat which eliminates the loss of loft common to synthetic filled sleeping bags Air cells on the sides Are thicker and give the mat a Cradle shape that prevents you from rolling off the mat - $168.95