Exped Ergo Hammock Combi - $379.00

The Exped Ergo Hammock Combi offers comfortable horizontal sleep. Get full protection with the removable bug net and large rain/sun tarp, and stay warm with the integrated sleeping pad sleeve. Pad sleeve fits sleeping pad sizes up to 77.5 x 26 in.; sleeping pad is sold separately. Sleeping pad sleeve can be accessed from 2 sides, and fits all Exped sleeping pads except the Mega Mats. Another advantage of the Ergo Hammock pad sleeve is that it prevents mosquitoes from biting through the hammock. Adjustable suspension: a distance of 70 in. between anchor points is necessary for setup; if the distance is greater, it's only limited by the length of the ropes. All parts are factory pre-mounted for a simple setup; the only thing you do is to hook the carabiners into the buttonhole ropes. Ropes can be attached to trees or other anchor points without the need for knots; protective shields prevent rain from soaking its way down the ropes. Large multifunctional tarp protects against rain, sun and a neighbor's line of sight; it's large enough to store your gear under and to allow sheltered cooking. Tarp covers area of 126 x 98 in. Set it up in an open configuration in good weather or stake it down tight in rough weather; it can even be adjusted to fit in tight spots. Tarp's ridgeline clips straight into the suspension ropes, and guylines pack into integrated pockets when not in use. Removable fine mesh mosquito net can be zipped open and stowed in a pocket; dark color is see-through from the inside but less so from the outside. Suspension cord sheath prevents cords from getting tangled when packed away for storage. Weight capacity: 330 lbs. Long Wide (77.5 x 26 in.) size Exped pads are recommended for greatest comfort; sleeve also fits Exped 3.5 in. thick pads! Please note: pad sleeve will accept non-Exped, similarly-sized sleeping pads. - $379.00