ExOfficio BUZZ OFF Camouflage Long-Sleeve Tee - $29.88

Want protection from insects, but don t want to alert the noses of game animals by using spray-on repellents This lightweight, moisture-wicking camouflage clothing was created using a patent-pending process which bonds to the fabric an odorless and colorless insect repellent that keeps bugs from biting. The repellent's effectiveness lasts through 25 washings, has been developed and extensively tested over a seven-year period and is fully registered by the EPA. UPF 30+ rating. The Long-Sleeve Tee delivers the classic comfort, style and fit you ve come to appreciate over the years. Imported. Chest sizes: L-XL. Camo patterns: Mossy Oak New Break-Up , Realtree Hardwoods Green HD . - $29.88