Evolv Men's Shaman Climbing Shoes - $103.99

Award Winner - UC Magazine Editor's Choice Gear Guide - 2012Award Winner - Climbing Magazine Editor's Choice - 2012The Evolv Shaman is flat out one of the best rock Climbing shoes you?re going to find, you guys. This Evolv Climbing shoe Features a microfiber lining in the forefoot, a ?love bump? that puts the forefoot in a comfy position and helps fill the space behind the toes, and a ?knuckle box? that allows the big toe knuckle to stay in a position of power while you climb. These design Technologies Are combined with unique materials to make the Shaman one of the most comfortable Climbing shoes ever, and recognized as award-winning Climbing gear. Features of the Evolv Men's Shaman Climbing Shoes Microfiber lining in forefoot for comfort and durability in.Love Bumpin. Midsole puts your forefoot in a comfortable position of power and fills the dead space under your toes in.Knuckle Boxin. works in combination with the in.Love Bumpin. to provide room for your big toe knuckle to stay in a position of power Three opposing direction strap closures for a dialed-in Fit and snug arch - $103.99