Eureka! Kaycee Sleeping Bag - $84.88

This lightweight, cold-weather bag features double-layer offset quilt and a tear-resistant Star Gaze ripstop shell. Rteq insulation provides the ultimate in thermal performance. Rteq is up to 40% lighter than other fills and 20% more efficient at the fiber level, delivering outstanding compactness and durability. This mummy bag features a differential cut with the inner layer of the bag cut smaller than the outer layer to create consistent insulation thickness throughout the bag. This prevents thermal leaks from forming, keeping warm air inside and cold air outside. Offset quilt construction is like having a bag within a bag. The tough, 230T Star Gaze polyester ripstop shell is quilted to the insulation. When the two layers are assembled, the outer stitching is offset from the inner stitching. Cold air from the outside cant get through to the inner layer, and warm air on the inside cant escape. Fully adjustable contoured hood snugs around your head with a simple pull of a drawcord. Ergonomic trapezoidal footbox designed specifically for the natural forward and outward tilting of your feet. Space-saving compression sack keeps bag protected. No. 5 self-repairing zippers. Imported. Fill Weight: 3 lbs. 1 oz.. Gender: Unisex. Type: Mummy Sleeping Bags. Temp Rating: 0°F to 19°F. Model: Regular. Dimensions: 32" x 82". Carry Weight: 4 lbs. 10 oz.. Temperature Rating: 0°F. Regular 0 Degree. - $84.88