Eton FRX3 Radio - $41.99

The Eton FRX3 radio powers up with a hand crank or solar panel, keeping you informed and prepared for emergencies or travel whether you have a power source or not! Convenient power options include full-time power via hand crank, solar panel and rechargeable NiMH battery pack. Built-in USB cell-phone charger breathes life into most brands of cell phone batteries (USB cord not included). Internal rechargeable NiMH battery pack stores power generated from dynamo hand crank, solar panel or mini-USB port (cord not included). Radio tunes in all 7 NOAA weather channels; it also features an FM/AM radio receiver with digital tuner, display and alarm clock. Handy flashlight features bright white LEDs for a dependable source of light when the power is out; glow-in-the-dark indicator makes it easy to locate the radio in the dark. 3.5mm earphone jack allows easy private listening with headphones (headphones not included). Tuning knobs on side offer smooth dialing to zero in on finicky signals; full-range monophonic front speaker serves up clear sound. The Eton FRX3 radio features a telescoping antenna for FM reception and an internal ferrite antenna for AM reception. - $41.99