Eskimo Easy Start Hypercoil 71cc Shark Auger - $499.99

Dont waste valuable fishing time tiring yourself out trying to get your auger started. Not only is the Shark Z71 among the most powerful ice augers in the world, but its revolutionary Hypercoil recoil ignition system takes cold-weather starting to a whole new level of excellence. The Shark is optimized for consistent, reliable starting, even in extreme conditions. The 71cc Viper two-cycle engine drives a 42 auger with a 25:1 gear ratio, generating incredible torque for the 10-diameter Quantum blades. A precision transmission with sealed ball bearings and heat-treated gears ensures smooth operation. An industry-first ergonomic aluminum handlebar is outfitted with Comfort Grip technology to enhance drilling comfort. The starter rope has a special handle thats easily gripped by hands clad in mittens. Easy-to-use, high-profile toggle switch. Blade protector included. Two-year manufacturers warranty. Auger length: 42. Cutting diameter: 10. Wt: 34 lbs. - $499.99