Eskimo FatFish 949i Ice Shelter (949I) - $329.99

Pop-up ice shelters optimized to provide more fishable area inside than similar-sized shelters on the market. Hub design allows you to set up and take down the shelter quickly. Each has reliable YKK zippers. Heavy-duty material reinforces the corner joints. There are six windows, two doors and two mesh pockets. Material is sturdy, yet lightweight 300-denier polyester thats specially treated to be UV- and water-resistant. Strong ice anchors have more threads to help the shelters withstand high winds. Large mesh storage pockets keep essential gear handy. Removable Velcro windows allow for precise ventilation control. Six ice anchors and carry bag. Imported. Size: 94 x 94. Available: FatFish 949I This 3-4-person shelter has a generous 61-sq ft. fishable area. Constructed with two layers of material that sandwich a layer of insulation for improved heat retention. The pitch-black interior material darkens the entire house. Size: 949I. Type: Shelters. - $329.99