ESI Grips Racers Edge Mountain Bike Grip - $17.00

Professional racers are very meticulous about their equipment selection. They compulsively seek out the ways to shave a few extra grams from their bikes, but also understand the importance of comfort and durability. Some places they are willing to compromise comfort for weight savings and others not. When items like the ESI Racer's Edge grip consistently adorns the bikes of pros, especially those that are unsponsored, it speaks volumes of the product's merit. ESI grips have swept the Elite Cross County ranks with force. The 100% Silicone grips are substantially lighter than your standard rubber grip, do not slip, and offer much better comfort and shock absorption than foam or bar tape! The grips are UV resistant so the bold colors will not fade or harden with time. The ESI Racer's Edge grip is the thinner of the two. It saves around 10 grams from the ESI Chunky grip for the weight obsessed and a good choice for those who prefer the feel of thin grips. The Racer's Edge weighs in at 48g. Installed, the grips measure 5-1/8" in length and 30mm in diameter. ESI grips include bar end plugs. We recommend using rubbing alcohol and/or compressed air for installation and removal. - $17.00