Esbit Alcohol Stove and Camp Cookset - 2012 Overstock - $49.73

Great for campers or backpackers looking for lightweight efficiency and easy setup, the Esbit Alcohol Stove and Camp cookset offers everything you need so campsite cooking is fun, not a chore. Flame regulator on the burner controls flame height so you can boil or simmer; resealable screwtop on the burner saves unused fuel for next time. Cookset includes 1 small pot (1.8 L, 60 oz), 1 large pot (2.4 L, 80 oz), 7.3 in. non-stick pan and heat exchanger for fast, efficient cooking. Cookset also includes stand, pot lid, gripper, pot cloth and 2 plastic plates along with a mesh carry bag for easy packing. Stand creates a stable platform when using pots or pan; windscreen protects the flame. The Esbit Alcohol Stove and Camp cookset has packed dimensions of 7.95 x 5 in. Please note that fuel is not included in cookset. Overstock. - $49.73