Erie Dearie Weapon Rig - $1.88

Now anglers have a Weapon to catch those finicky, light-biting walleye with consistency. The weight-forward lure provides a smaller, more delicate presentation, great lakes, competing with the delicate hatching mayflies. A No. 3 Indiana spinner blade, provides lure action even during extremely slow retrieves. The lure falls at a rate of four to five feet per second with a 5/8-oz. sinker, and slightly faster with a heavier weight. Package includes 22K gold-plated 5/8-oz. Ammo weight that adds a new dimension to the weapon. Per each. Colors: (010)Hammered Gold, (020)Firetiger, (030)Fluorescent Yellow, (059)Monkey Puke, (060)Blueberry Muffin, (061)Copper Confusion. - $1.88