Ergon TP1 Cleat Tool - $29.95

With Ergon's new TP1 Cleat Tool, you're able to easily and accurately set your cleats to the optimal positioning on your shoes. You start by placing your shoes -- with loosely attached cleats -- into the template. The reference handbook then walks you through the steps for dialing in the perfect fit, with you finishing off the installation by tightening down the bolts. It's that easy. The Ergon TP1 template allows the accurate adjustment of the three important axes when installing cleats. The fore/aft position, the stance (Q-Factor), and the foot angle are all taken into consideration when you set your shoes on the platform. The included handbook is also a guide to the basic contours of the foot and leg, the biomechanical consequences, and a simple step by step manual for using the TP1. Additionally, you can log any adjustments you make to your cleats for later reference. Take the guesswork out of installing your cleats by using the accurate and easy-to-use TP1. The TP1 Cleat tool is available in Crank Brothers, Look KEO, SPD, and SPD SL options. - $29.95