Ergon GS1 Grip - Leichtbau - $39.95

Ergon designed their GS1 grip shape as a perfect medium between their archetypical GP1 grip (the base shape for all GP, GC, and GR series grips) and the race-inspired GX1 grip shape. With the earlier designs on either end of Ergon's size and shape spectrum, the GS1 Leichtbau Grip falls right in-between, offering a shape that works to reduce pressure on your Ulnar nerves and to ease wrist strain while retaining the light weight characteristic of the GX1.We feel like this happy medium will quickly become a favorite for anyone looking to increase their hand comfort on their mountain bike. The wing shaped support is exactly where many glove makers are stitching on extra padding these days, and it provides more support for your hand. You'll perceive less pressure on your palm because of the increased surface area, and the soft kraton rubber gives just enough and allows supreme grip, even with sweat soaked gloves. You'll see a textured rubber insert on the top of the grips. Ergon uses a softer rubber compound here to help dissipate vibration and jolts on the trail.The angle of the grip is important and worth the time to find the position that works best for you. The alloy clamp at the end of the grip should be tightened to a maximum of 5 Nm in order to avoid handlebar damage once you find the right angle. Ergon has found that most people, except those who have huge mitts, go with the small size. The smaller diameter is lighter, a bit stiffer, and easy to grab. Those with big hands and those who spend long, long days in the saddle might want to lean towards large.The Ergon GS1 Leichtbau Grip is available in White and Black and comes in two sizes -- Small and Large. The GS1 is 132mm wide, including the clamp assembly; and it's 54mm front to back at the wing. The set comes with bar plugs and installation instructions.Choosing the correct grip (PDF) Choosing the correct size (PDF) Ergon weight comparison (PDF) - $39.95