Ergon GP1 BioKork Grip - $40.00

The GP1 BioKork Grip is the exact same shape as the original Ergon GP1. Ergon's patented wing-shaped grips support your hand and wrist in a way that relieves pressure on the Median and Ulnar nerves -- pressure that causes numbness, tingling, or pain. Other than that important similarity, it is radically different. Instead of solid rubber, this grip uses natural cork, harvested from certified sustainable trees in Portugal for 40% of the cover. In addition, it also uses grass fiber for 40% of the grip core and vegetable oils instead of mineral oil in the gel palm insert. As with Ergon's other aluminum clamps, the clamp on the BioKork grips is recyclable. The benefits of cork's natural low density are a lightweight and comfortable grip.The Ergon GP1 grip is a great starting point for an exploration of Ergon's wares. By comparison, the GP1 is a bit more forgiving than the race-oriented GX1. So those looking for the most comfort, look no further. Each grip is held in place by a forged aluminum alloy clamp set by a 4mm hex key. When the grip is oriented to your preference, the clamp hardware should not be tightened in excess of 5nm. The Ergon GP1 BioKork grip comes in two sizes -- standard width in small and large. The size does not refer to the length but the thickness of the grip. The people at Ergon tell us that macho types assume they should have large unless otherwise indicated, so consider this a warning. Ergon has found that most people, except those who have huge mitts, go with the small. The smaller diameter is lighter, a bit stiffer, and easy to grab. Those with big hands and those who spend long, long days in the saddle might want to lean towards large. The GP1 BioKork grips are 54mm at their widest point (measured front to back) and are 132mm long. The left and right grips are mirror images of each other. They come with end plugs and mounting instructions. Weight for the pair is 148g for the small and 182g for the large. - $40.00