Ergon GA1 Grip - $18.00

Ergon has been adding to their line as they dial in what the needs of each segment of the riding public are. The Ergon GA1 grip is designed for people riding all-mountain and more gravity-oriented disciplines. The shape is subtler, appearing to be more cylindrical, than their other grips, which is great for freedom of movement in extreme situations. They still have a position-specific, and hand-specific design, where the grip is contoured for better grasping and padded with softer rubber and a little gel for better damping. The grips are locked into place via slim, light aluminum clamps at the end of the bars.There are two sizes, GA1-S and GA1-L. The Small has a length of 135mm and a diameter of 32mm. The Large has a length of 145mm and diameter of 35mm. There is a left and a right; each is contoured to fit the hand it was designed for. Ergon marks "left" and "right" on each grip as well as "up" so you know which way to orient the grips. The grips utilize a softer compound than found in other Ergon grips for better damping, and there is gel in the center of the grip. They are not designed to work with twist shifters; any customizing of the grip will invalidate the warranty. The Ergon GA1 Grip is available in three colors: Black, White, and Team Edition (Black/Green). The GA1-S grip is 115.5g per pair, the GA1-L is 146.9g, the end plugs weigh 4.78g per pair. - $18.00