Eppinger Red Eye Spoons - $7.19

A distinctive wiggle action sets these spoons apart from others, and it puts predator fish in a striking, slashing mood. The cut-glass, Strike Focus eyes makes fish hit hard. And the premium finish ensures these spoons will last you many seasons. Per each. Made in USA. Sizes: 2, 1/4 oz. 2-1/4, 1/2 oz. 3, 1 oz. 4-3/4, 2-1/2 oz. Colors: (011)Red/White, (001)Nickel, (002)Brass, (016)Black/White, (021)Firetiger (N/A in 1/4 oz.), (101)Hammered Nickel, (102)Hammered Brass, (182)Chrome/Blue, (184)Yellow Red Diamond, (276)Hammered Nickle/Blue/Red, (278)Hammered Nickel/Red/Gold, (279)Hammered Nickel/Green/Gold. Color: Red. Type: Casting & Trolling Spoons. - $7.19